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Specialist immunisation services provide specialised immunisation advice to healthcare professionals. These services have specialised nursing and medical staff to provide clinical advice on immunisation for children with complex or unusual medical backgrounds or who have had an adverse event following immunisation (AEFI). They can support children who have previously been affected by an AEFI by assessing and planning for immunisation and are able to answer complex questions and concerns relevant to an individual’s experience and circumstances.

In Tasmania, the relevant service is the Paediatric Specialist Immunisation Service (SIS) at the Royal Hobart Hospital. 

Last updated on 8 June 2023.


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SKAI Topic: Childhood
Contact details

Paediatric Specialist Immunisation Service at the Royal Hobart Hospital

Royal Hobart Hospital 
3D North 
Paediatric Clinics 
Phone: 03 6166 0000  
Fax: 03 6173 0469

Information for providers and parents
What are the indications for referral?
  • Children requiring scheduled vaccinations under observation in a hospital setting after an AEFI, or if there is concern regarding specific contraindications.
  • Severely needle-phobic or other neurodevelopmental, mental health or behavioural conditions that make it difficult for the child to be immunised safely in a community setting, including children who have failed attempts in community settings due to anxiety.
  • Children with complex medical conditions including:
    • perceived greater risk of an AEFI, and
    • the child’s paediatrician or medical specialist has recommended vaccination with observation in the hospital setting because an AEFI in a community setting may be difficult to assess or manage.
  • Families who are vaccine-hesitant and wish to discuss this further.
  • Note the service does not currently provide the Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG) vaccine used to prevent tuberculosis (TB). Children requiring BCG vaccination need to be referred to the Department of Respiratory Medicine Wellington Clinics.
What can referral offer parents?
  • The SIC provides assessment and makes recommendations regarding the suitability for immunisation, and the best location for this to occur.
  • It can also facilitate the administration of immunisations under sedation, and/or under supervision in the hospital environment due to medical risk.
How do I refer a parent?
  • A medical referral is required. All referrals should comply with referral standards and include:
    • previous AEFI/s
    • particular concerns regarding future immunisation
    • information regarding prior unsuccessful attempts at immunisation
  • Please see this information from the Tasmanian Health Service for full details on the referral process and templates.
What do parents need to take to their appointment?

For further information, please call 03 6166 0000.

What services are offered to providers?
  • For further information, please call 03 6166 0000.
  • Healthcare professionals with questions about immunisation can also contact the Tasmanian Public Health Hotline at 1800 671 738 or email