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eLearning: COVID-19 vaccination and pregnancy

In this module, we will demonstrate how the SKAI communications approach can be applied to conversations with pregnant women about COVID-19 vaccinations.

Last updated on 24 October 2023.


Resource type: eLearning
Resource Format: Video
SKAI Topic: Pregnancy & Newborn
eLearning module

Talking about COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women has become part of routine antenatal care. As you use the SKAI pregnancy communication approach from Module 2, keep these extra elements in mind as well:

  • Familiarise yourself with the current COVID-19 recommendations and data
  • Check the eligibility of every pregnant woman at every appointment at any time in pregnancy 
  • Focus on making sure she is up to date according to the current recommendations
  • Find out all her questions
  • Share your knowledge, and be prepared to offer links to specific data about COVID-19 vaccine safety and effectiveness
  • Help her weight her personal risks and benefits

This communication approach was developed through a combination of qualitative research, literature review and expert consultation. It is adapted from the SKAI childhood approach and tailored for maternal vaccination. The communication approach and the way it was developed are described in Module 2.